Iowa Workers Comp Appeals Process

Dealing with a work-related accident is already stressful and scary. You’re hurt, you’re unable to work, and you and your family are dealing with the loss of income. You’ll need your workers comp benefits to deal with this situation.

Unfortunately, you’ve been denied. Your insurer has ruled that you don’t need that compensation, so you’ve been sent a denial letter. This might seem like the end of your chances for workers comp, but fortunately, you can appeal their claim and get the workers compensation you deserve.

When you’re denied, fight back by hiring a skilled workers comp lawyer. With the right attorney, you can get your claim appealed, so you can get your benefits and recover from your injuries. It’s tough to recover when you don’t have these benefits, so get the help you need to appeal.

Informal Discussions

First, Iowa workers are expected to speak to their employers and the insurance provider before scheduling a hearing. This will be a chance to discuss your claim with your employer and the reason for your denial. This discussion is a little more informal, so you won’t need a lawyer at this point. While they can be a great asset for your claim, you may choose to address the denial reasons.

You should already have your reason for the denial. Insurance companies are required to include this in their letters. These can vary, but it might be one of the following:

  • You missed a deadline
  • Your injury doesn’t meet their definition of an injury
  • A lack of evidence of an injury
  • They disputed that your injury was work-related

Hearings with the Commissioner

Unfortunately, you might not have come to an agreement in the informal session. They’re still not convinced that you should receive compensation, so you’ll need to schedule a hearing for your claim. You’ll schedule a hearing with the Workers Compensation Commissioner, who will review your claim and make a decision on your benefits.

At this point, it’s best to have a lawyer on your side. You’ll be arguing for your claim in a more formal setting, and the resources a lawyer can provide will make a difference for your claim. For example, they can help you find more evidence and use that to show you need compensation.

When your meeting begins, you or your lawyer will begin by presenting your claim, as well as any relevant evidence. This will be your chance to prove that you should receive your benefits. Your employer’s lawyer will also have the opportunity to defend their decision. Once both parties have had a chance to speak, the deputy commissioner will make their decision.

In many cases, you should receive the workers comp benefits you need. If you’ve been denied again, however, there’s still a chance to recover. You’ll need to appeal that denial, and your lawyer can help.

Appealing an Iowa Denial

Receiving a denial can be disheartening. You’re suffering and in need of a wage replacement, but you’ve been told that you can’t receive the work comp you need. Now what?

If you’re struggling with a denial and need to appeal your claim, reach out to an attorney. They’ll have the experience and resources you’ll need to recover and get the benefits you need. Get your claim started today by reaching out to workers comp attorney.