Tax Services for Veterans

Benjamin Franklin once said that only death and taxes were certain, and sometimes, it can feel that he was especially right. No matter what you’ve been through, even if it’s war, you’re still expected to pay your taxes and file your return correctly.

Unfortunately, that can be tough. As a veteran, you have unique challenges in your life, so you’ll need the right tools to file. Fortunately, the right tax attorney can help you successfully file and deal with any unique considerations that you as a veteran may have. So, get the help you need before you finish filing your taxes.

Free Filing Options

Many people can take the option of filing for free. There are plenty of tax services that can make filing easy. These tools aren’t built with veterans in mind, however, so you might not find them as helpful as you might have before.

Fortunately, the Department of Veteran Affairs does offer some free tools to help you succeed. These tools are geared toward veterans, meaning that they should cover the unique situation that veterans are in. So, seek out the right tools or attorney and ensure you get the full benefits you deserve.

While these tools can help you file on your own, however, you may need more, personalized help to get your taxes handled right. When you’re dealing with disability benefits, for example, you may need personalized help from a tax lawyer.

Veterans May Receive Special Benefits

Keep in mind that, as a veteran, your disability benefits will be taxed differently. That can make things more complex, so you’ll need to understand what those benefits are and how your tax lawyer can help. Make sure you’re getting the full return you should receive based on your condition.

For example, if you were injured in combat, the disability severance pay you receive should not be taxed. Because a tax lawyer or program not geared toward veterans may not consider this, that could mean paying more in taxes than you should.

There are also grants available for veterans injured and struggling with disabilities. For example, you may be eligible for a grant that will cover a vehicle if you’ve lost your sight or a limb. Benefits like these shouldn’t be included in your gross income, and your lawyer can help you avoid paying more than necessary.

Struggling with Your Taxes? Get Help Today

Dealing with taxes is difficult for all of us. For a veteran dealing with their disabilities, however, it can be more complex and more difficult to understand. You’ll need help when you’re struggling to get your taxes file.

Often, that means you’ll need a tax attorney on your side. These lawyers understand your tax situation, and they can help you unravel the more complex parts of your claim. If you’re struggling with your taxes, get the help you need with your return. With the right tax lawyer on your side, you’ll get the benefits you deserve without needing to worry about your taxes.