Common Securities Law Violations

The stock market has a massive effect on the economy. It is in the best interest of the country that trade remains fair and honest. Companies must also remain truthful in their reports and dealings. Laws have been passed to protect investors and the general public from fraud. The SEC also has a program to protect and reward whistleblowers. The following are some of the most common securities law violations on record:


Corporate Fraud

High-level officials may manipulate financial reports to make the company look better than its actual financial situation. They may use accounting loopholes to hide large debts and make failed projects seem like they succeeded. These deceptive behaviors continue to attract people to invest in something that they believe is profitable when things are actually going the other way. Another type of corporate fraud is the creation of dummy corporations with a similar name to mislead buyers into thinking that they are getting securities from a real company. Once the investors try to cash in on their assets, they will find out that they were duped and that their assets are worthless.


Ponzi Schemes

This has been around for a long time and has evolved with the trends. However, the basic principles remain the same. This is a type of investment fund where there are no actual investment activities to grow money. The interest promised to investors are instead sourced from the influx of new investors that were enticed through the initial results. The first payouts are usually just as promised but the scheme often crumbles under its own weight. The market is soon saturated and investors eventually dry up. Without a source of fresh funds, it becomes impossible to pay all the old investors.


Internet Fraud

The Internet has certainly revolutionized many industries (and modern life, in general), but it has also exposed people to real dangers. One of them is the prevalence of false information, many of them maliciously planted to achieve a certain goal. Fraudsters will sometimes descend upon online forums and chat rooms to spread info designed to cause a massive shift in the price of certain stocks. They will wait for the price to peak and then sell off their stocks for large profits. Meanwhile, the price will eventually crash to its normal value and the fraud victims lose their money.


Insider Trading

Sometimes people in the know or insiders will use information that is not available to the public to trade securities. For example, a high-ranking executive may learn about an upcoming merger or a declaration of bankruptcy. He may decide to sell or buy stocks to maximize profits prior to the impending event. Those who are aware of such frauds and wish to alert the SEC may get the services of an SEC whistleblower lawyer for assistance.

Speed Traps in Queens

No one likes to get a speeding ticket, do they? It’s annoying, expensive, and it can really make life more difficult. In some cases, you may not even know what you did wrong when you receive a photo radar ticket in the mail.

Many people underestimate the seriousness of speeding tickets. They think that they’re no big deal; you just pay it and move on with your life. Right? Not always the case. In many cases a speeding ticket can negatively impact your life in very big ways. You could lose your license, get hit with fines too substantial for you to pay, and you could even lose your job.


How Do You Deal With Speeding Tickets?

It’s important to take speeding tickets seriously. There are a few ways to deal with speeding ticket issues. You could try to never speed, or fight your ticket any time you receive one. It’s easy for some people to say, “Well, you broke the law, so deal with the consequences.” But is that always fair? What about speed traps?

Speed traps are areas on a stretch of road that are sort of placed there as “traps” for drivers to get caught in. Usually it’s a big change in speed limit that a driver won’t notice before it’s too late. Some might even speculate that the city purposely puts these “traps” in place so that they can generate revenue.

Whether you believe these traps were placed intentionally or not, it would still probably be helpful for you to avoid the speed traps located in the Queens area. Below, these are some of the speed traps to avoid.

  • Northern Blvd. between 69th and 62nd St.
  • Near Main St. and Reeves Ave.
  • Union Turnpike and 113th St.
  • Hillside Ave. mobile speed camera
  • Union Turnpike near Metropolitan Ave.
  • Union Turnpike GCP westbound
  • Astoria Blvd. corner of 94th St. westbound
  • Northern Blvd. by Citifield heading eastbound ramp
  • Linden Blvd. on Cross Island Parkway
  • 215 St. and 53rd Ave.
  • Heading toward Brooklyn, North Conduit by 75th St.


Have You Received a Ticket in Queens?

If you’ve already fallen into a “trap” and received a ticket, your only other option at this point for avoiding the negative consequences is to fight and beat your ticket. You will probably need some help from a Queens speeding ticket attorney if you want to win your case.

The judge will likely give your case much more consideration if you have a traffic ticket attorney standing in court beside you.