Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in urban areas throughout the country. While scooters provide a convenient and efficient form of transportation, they’ve also caused an enormous amount of injuries because people don’t know how to ride them and drivers aren’t watching out for them on the road.

Electric scooter companies aren’t maintaining the scooters they put on the streets, so injuries are occurring from scooter defects as well. You should consider filing an injury claim if you’ve been hurt while riding one of these machines.

A recent scooter injury encountered at a hospital in the Nashville area left a twenty-three-year-old woman named Elise with a long road to recovery. A vehicle hit her in the legs while crossing the road on her scooter and she suffered a severe bone fracture. To get to a point where she could walk she had to go through some intense medical procedures.

Immobilizing the Leg

When the doctors diagnosed Elise with a tibia fracture, the first step was to immobilize her leg. When a bone is broken, immobilizing the leg as quickly as possible can help the bone heal in the correct spot. The hope is that immobilizing the leg will allow the bone to heal with no further treatment, but depending on the severity of the injury, a cast doesn’t always do the trick. 

Surgery for My Leg Fracture

Elise spent eight weeks with a cast on her leg before coming back to the doctor and finding out that her leg wasn’t healed. She had damage to surrounding ligaments and would need surgery to implant screws in her leg so that the tibia would stay in place.

Aside from the emotional stress of wearing a cast for so long and now needing surgery, Elise was in a lot of pain. It frustrated her that someone else’s negligence caused her injury, but she knew she needed to listen to the doctor and proceed with the surgery. 

A Long Period of Physical Therapy

It took another eight weeks for Elise to recover from surgery and she then had to begin a long period of physical therapy. As physical therapy began, she was still on crutches and hardly able to walk. As she progressed, she slowly gained strength in her leg and flexibility in her muscles. It was another six months before she could fully run on her leg again.

Most people think of broken bones as minor injuries, but the recovery process can be much longer, depending on which bone is fractured and how complex the fracture is. Elise was lucky that her electric scooter injury resulted in a bone fracture and nothing worse. Hopefully, she can pursue a claim and recover compensation from the driver who caused her so much pain and suffering.