Treating a Severe Burn Injury

There was a man in Florida who suffered from a severe burn injury after being in a devastating accident at work. An unexpected explosion occurred from a chemical reaction, and he was caught in the fire.

The entire left side of his face, chest, and arm was severely burned. We received details of the injuries from the man’s personal injury lawyer in Lakeland and, with some additional research, we compiled information on how burn injuries like this one can be treated. While minor burn injuries may heal at home, severe third-degree burns need to be treated in hospitals or burn centers.

Medical Treatments

Severe burns can require immediate medical attention because there’s an increased risk of infection, dehydration, and organ failure. Ultrasound mist therapy can be used to keep the wound stimulated and hydrated while the burn is in the process of healing. IV-therapy may also be used to keep the body hydrated and treated with antibiotics throughout recovery.

Because a burn injury is essentially one large open wound, it’ll need to remain saturated at all times for the fastest healing possible and the least amount of scarring. Doctors will use burn ointments on the injury and dress the wound intermittently.

Surgical Treatments

If the burn is severe enough and significant skin has been lost, skin grafting surgery may be necessary to cover the wound. New skin can be placed over the wound, and plastic surgery can be used to reconstruct parts of the face or body that have been disfigured from the burn.

Pain Management

Throughout the entire burn treatment, pain medication can be used to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Burn injuries are one of the most painful injuries that a patient can experience, and because healing is both a physical and an emotional journey, the patient may need anxiety and depression medication, as well.

Home Remedies and Recovery

In the final stretch of treatment, patients will return home and continue working on scar treatment, mental health, and any remaining physical impairments. If the burn covered any joints, physical and occupational therapy may need to be used at the end of recovery to ensure the patient can regain movement of all limbs.

Each burn injury will have a different timeline for healing, but patience will be key in ensuring the patient stays comfortable and sane. If you or a loved one has experienced a severe burn, know that you’re not alone. You’re brave for what you’ve been through, and you’ll get through it no matter what.