Paralysis isn’t a medical procedure, but rather the result of an injury. When you lose muscle function, and often sensation, in your body after a stroke or when your spinal cord has been partially or fully severed, you may experience paralysis in various parts of your body. There are medical procedures that can help patients survive spinal injuries, but many won’t be able to cure paralysis.

Discussing the experience of living with paralysis is important because this diagnosis is life-altering in many ways. Sarah, a thirty-two-year-old woman living in Nashville, became paraplegic two years ago after her legs were crushed in a traumatic street-car accident. Paraplegia is when the lower half of the body experiences paralysis. Sarah now lives her life in a wheelchair. 

Sarah’s Experience

After the accident, Sarah’s legs were broken and her lower spinal cord was partially severed. Numerous surgeries were performed to try and help her regain movement and, luckily, she was able to move her arms and abdomen; however, she has yet to regain any movement from the waist down. 

A Nashville personal injury lawyer helped Sarah receive a settlement for her injuries, but unfortunately, the physical and emotional trauma of living with paralysis is something money can easily erase. What money did do for Sarah is make her living situation much easier. 

Most people have to find funding in order to get the proper rehabilitation they need, but Sarah was able to get a top-of-the-line electric wheelchair and all of the best equipment to meet her needs. She also has money for mental health therapy, medications, doctors’ visits, and in-home care. Without this settlement money, living with paralysis would be much more difficult for her. 

Not a Procedure, but a Process

While paralysis isn’t a medical procedure, it’s a process that many survivors continue to go through for their entire lives after already going through numerous surgeries. No one deserves such a heavy burden in life, but some of the strongest individuals live with this burden each day. 

Sarah is an example of someone who survived a traumatic accident and managed to come out on top. Every day isn’t easy for her, but she tries to look on the bright side. She feels grateful to have access to excellent doctors and care thanks to the settlement she won. Her journey hasn’t been easy by any means, but she feels lucky to be alive.