A Surrogacy Experience

My husband and I just welcomed our new baby boy into the world last month and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how our entire pregnancy process went! You see, we didn’t conceive our child the way most parents do. We used a surrogate. That’s because, unfortunately, I found out years ago that I was unable to conceive. Though this took an emotional toll on me, I’m so glad I found this alternative.

The Baby Steps Surrogacy Center in Pennsylvania took care of us from start to finish. First, we took the time to pick out the perfect surrogate mother for our needs. We made sure she was someone we could work with in a professional setting, and we made sure she was physically fit to have our child.

My husband and I then went to a clean and safe facility where they collected his sperm and my eggs were taken from my ovaries. In-vitro fertilization was used have my husband’s sperm fertilize my eggs and have my eggs transferred into the uterus of our surrogate mother, and the pregnancy process began from there!

The Details

I knew that we were in good hands with our surrogacy experience because our surrogacy center had all of the proper contracts in place. Payment was set up on the front end and experienced attorneys put everything in writing. I felt so comfortable with our choice that when our surrogate mother announced that the in-vitro procedure was successful, I couldn’t wait to begin our journey.

Is it Right for You?

Everyone feels differently about surrogacy, but if you don’t have the option to carry your own child, surrogacy still gives you a child of your own. Even if you don’t have a life partner, you can use surrogacy to have a baby on your own or much later in life using a sperm donor. It may not be an option for everyone, but it gives opportunities to so many who never would’ve had them otherwise.

I think it’s crucial when deciding on surrogacy to find the right surrogacy center that makes you feel comfortable every step of the way. When someone is there to walk you through it all and keep things professional, the decision feels easier to make.

Surrogacy is a costly option for having a child, but adoption is costly as well. Ultimately, you can’t put a price on happiness and your future family. You’ll know in your heart if surrogacy feels right for you. My surrogacy experience was extremely positive and I’m so appreciative for my surrogacy center and my surrogate mother for everything they gave me. I hope others have the same positive experience.